About the Author

Sharitta Marshall who’s mission is empower and uplift women with love, laughter, and growth grew up in Detroit, MI before moving to Washington DC to attend Howard University for her undergraduate studies. She then started her postgraduate career in New Jersey before moving back to Michigan to conclude her manufacturing career. She moved to Arizona in 2009 to attend Arizona State University to obtain her postgraduate degree. She then moved into the hospitality and software industries.  

 She likes to consider herself one part puzzle solver and another magician.

The best part of what she does. Is helping people become more successful in what they do every day. Hands down.

A true teacher in every way, Sharitta enjoys spending time helping others succeed, learning, and growing.

She is a graduate of Howard University with a BBA in Marketing and Arizona State University with an MBA in Marketing and International Business. 

Her Divine Alchemy - The Book

This is not an existential story full out of theories and ideas of what makes up the human experience. This is a raw, authentic and honest depiction of a black girl trying to figure out how to be black woman magic. I'm going to share with you my heart aches and pain, my triumphs and failures, my mistakes and lessons learned. I will share with you my unfailing (most of the time) willingness to continue to believe in myself. 

There is no end to this journey that I'm sharing with you, I'm just getting you caught up to the now. I am going to cuss, I am going to cry, I am going to share my relationship with God and my therapist and I'm going to ask you to be open to take this journey with me in hopes that you may figure out what journey you need to take within yourself. 

I share this journey with you to be of service so that any woman that's feeling like they are failing at life, stuck in the life that they don't want or no longer serves them, feeling like they are completely and utterly alone to know that they are not. I  honestly tell you that I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you, you are appreciated, you matter and I see you. 
It is my earnest desire for you that by the time you are finished with this book that you will truly believe for yourself you are Divine Alchemy and once you tap into your Fifth Element you can become something extraordinary..


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